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Who Else Wants To Position Yourself
As The EXPERT In Your Niche
And Attract All The New Clients

You Can Handle?

What? No leads . . . not enough clients . . . don’t know what to do?

How can you set yourself apart from the crowd?

By Having a Book!

People automatically assume that a person who has written a book is the expert on that topic. Your book brings you instant credibility.

Imagine being able to overnight your book to someone who is considering hiring you for your services . . . whether it be coaching, speaking, connsulting, leading a workshop, training employees, etc. When your book lands on their desk, it wipes away all their hesitancies about who you are and what you have to offer.

Nothing opens doors like a printed book.

Are you ready for 2018 to be YOUR year of explosion?

If your manuscript is finished, do you know you can have it turned into an ebook for Kindle within a couple of weeks and also reformatted for Print On Demand printing through CreateSpace? Here's the simple process:

  1. Have your manuscript edited and ready for printing (see below).
  2. Go to and hire someone for $5 to have your graphic made for your ebook cover (specify it is for Kindle)
  3. Once you have your ebook cover – then hire someone from Fiverr for $5 to convert your text to Kindle format, and also give them the ebook cover graphic.
  4. Go to Amazon and upload your Kindle ebook for sale.
  5. Go to CreateSpace (owned by Amazon) and have your book converted to a format to be printed into a paperback book (6" x 9" size is best). This is a Print On Demand book. Amazon will add this to their description of your book as an option for buying the paperback version.

Tips before you do the above:

  • The title of your book should include your main keyword. The subtitle can include additional keywords.
  • The title of your book should be "benefit" driven.
  • The chapter titles should be "benefit" driven.

If you have already written your book . . . or close to finishing it . . . I can assist you in finalizing your book by providing the following services:

  • Editing your manuscript. As an experienced editor of books I can turn your manuscript into a professional piece of writing, ready for publication. I edit for grammar, structure flow, as well as content. I make sure your manuscript is completely readable without any pieces missing or questionable content. I currently have a two-week turnaround time.
  • Marketing suggestions for your book. As I edit your book I can make suggestions for items to be placed inside your book in strategic places that invite the reader to go to your website and sign up for bonuses or further information on a particular topic.
  • Suggestions for further products & services. As you know, you cannot put everything you know about a topic into a book. People always want more details and/or hands-on guidance on how to apply the material to their lives.

Book Not Written – Just In Idea Form?

How many more years are you going to wait for "your time" to free up to allow you to write your book?

People are waiting for your insights and wisdom to help them solve their problems and move on with living a happier, more fulfilled life. You have their answers . . . let's work together to get your book done.

Here are some options:

  • I can ghost write a 75-page non-fiction ebook (which is then turned into a Print On Demand Book as listed above). After talking with you and/or reading some of your material, I have the ability to write from "your voice," thus people will connect with the real you.
  • I can coach you into pulling your non-fiction book together – chapter topics, chapter structure, guidance on content, and reviewing/editing each chapter as you finish, so you stay on the right track.
  • We detemine together the timeline for creating your book and the process required to reach that goal.

There's nothing like having a coach guide you and hold you accountable for reachiing your writing goals!

It's Time To Make 2018 YOUR Best Year!

I would love to talk with you to see how we can get your book done, printed, and marketed.

You can either email me at or call me (800) 551-9862 to discuss the above options and how soon we can get things rolling.

Here's to your success . . . you deserve it!


About Kathy 

Kathy has been a freelance writer and book ghost writer for five years. She has ghost written two books, as well as wrote her first book in 2005. Her second book will be released in early 2018. She has edited three books and is currently editing two books. Her 37 years as a legal secretary (retired from that profession in August 2014) provides the attention to details and perfectionism required to turn a manuscript into a piece of art. She has the freedom in her schedule to provide a fast turnaround.

Other writing experience includes writing grant applications; a newspaper column for Set Free Ministries in San Diego, California for two years; wrote a home study course which teaches Life Coaches how to write their own website content and ebooks; wrote a Bible Study/Commentary on one of the books in the Bible; numerous self-help articles and was awarded "Expert" status on; and wrote sales letters for websites of entrepreneurs in the self-help field.

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